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25 years experience
in the Diamond Industry


Monica Bortolin-Cossa was born in Italy in a family of diamond dealers and jewellery makers. She was so fortunate to spend her childhood surrounded by diamonds and jewellery, to the point that they became a natural extension of her life. Later on, the interest transformed into passion and the passion into her profession!

Monica is still drawn to the unique and special way diamonds sparkle and now, she lives and works in London as the proud owner of MBC Diamonds Limited, located in the renowned diamond and jewellery quarter of Hatton Garden, in the heart of the City of London.


Monica is a graduate gemologist with over 30 years experience in the loose diamond and high-end jewellery industry. Her well nurtured network of gem dealers, jewellery craftsmen and amazing artisans all around the world, position her well to create breathtaking jewellery. Monica's creativity and extensive experience enable her to create unique jewellery that meet the individual needs of her clientele.


What she loves the most, is the crafting process and bringing her client’s vision to life. She finds incredible just how much confidence, fond memories and value a bespoke piece can add to somebody’s life.

Being an Italian gives her a great advantage as she can bring the typical elegance of the ‘Made in Italy’ style to her creations. Monica is blessed with a natural sense of beauty and creativity with which she is able to create unique jewellery and bespoke design solutions. She has a natural talent to glamourise things and in particular to enhance the gem’s inner beauty with the creation of an exquisite jewellery piece. These qualities allow her to meet the individual needs of her special and demanding clientele at competitive cost.


Monica's gracious nature and meticulous approach will make a client feel at ease. You can have the fullest confidence that your jewellery needs are fully met and in very capable hands. For Monica, it is really important to build a close relationship with her clients so that she can gain a true understanding of their personalities, likes and dislikes. The ultimate aim is to become the client’s ‘Family Jeweller’ and create jewellery pieces which become heirlooms for the future generations.

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