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Monica’s passion for tradition driven her to start the creation of the quintessentially English tradition of custom-order “Signet Rings”.

Signet rings are considered the ‘gentleman’s ring” and are still deemed as a mark of the elegant gentleman. Historically they played a very important role in business and politics. It was used as a seal and featured the unique family crest, coat of arm, emblem or monogram.

Signet rings have been used since as far back as 3500BC in Mesopotamia as method of authenticity. Originally, it was a cylindrical device then transformed into a ring in Ancient Egypt.

MBC signet rings are made by the finest English goldsmiths using the highest quality gold and proportions. Many variations can be made united with the wax seals that are created with the signets when they are seal engraved.

Signet Rings

Elegant signet rings for the

distinguished gentleman

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