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Gemological Institute of America


The Gemological Institute of America, worldwide known with the abbreviation of GIA, was established on February 15th 1931 by Robert M. Shipley and his wife Beatrice and today is the world’s most important and illustrious authority on diamonds, color stones and pearls.

GIA is a nonprofit institute and its mission is to guarantee public trust in gems, offering the highest standards of integrity, reliability, consistency, conservative grading standards and professionalism. Objectivity and independence are the hallmarks of GIA.

Anybody can go to the GIA web site:  and quickly confirm the information on their report by visiting the GIA Report Check.


The CERTIFICATE is the "blueprint" of a diamond: it tells you the diamond's exact measurements, weight, as well as the details of its cut and quality. Laboratory certification provides an impartial judgment of the characteristics and quality of each diamond. This certification gives the purchasers added confidence that the diamond received is as described by the seller.

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