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Inspiration & Creation


Italian goldsmith and silversmith tradition has ancient roots, with illustrious names since the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The knowledge and secrets of the trade have been passed down through the years from one generation to another until the present day.

Monica invests many hours with her clients with whom she embarks on a very special journey. Monica personally assists each client in choosing the right stones and guides them in selecting the perfect design. Every piece produced by MBC Diamonds is a direct reflection of the client's personal taste and flair.

Monica embodies the quintessential Italian Heritage.

Italian Heritage with

elegance and a sense of style

Monica has always been enamored with gems and jewellery since a very young age when she used to spend time with her father who owned a high-end jewellery manufacturer back in Valenza Po (Piedmont, Italy). As a small child she used to sit with her father at his desk, mesmerised by these glittering and shiny gems. One day, her father taught her how to count .... with diamonds!

Monica is passionate in creating unique bespoke high quality jewellery for her clients and she looks for inspiration in many different areas like: nature, with which she feels deeply connected, buildings, architecture, ancient history, past masters jewellery pieces and, last but not least, her father.

The creation of every piece of jewellery is a lengthy process starting with the concept, the design and ultimately the production which is done by those exceptional and highly gifted Master Crafts-men carefully selected by Monica.

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