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Once you are completely happy and satisfied with the jewellery design and loose stones, we will provide you with a final quotation for the creation of your unique bespoke jewellery piece.


Everything produced by MBC Diamonds is a direct reflection of the clients personal taste and flair. Monica's gracious nature and meticulous approach will make you feel at ease. You can have the fullest confidence that your jewellery needs are fully met and in very capable hands.

Bespoke jewellery pieces are meant to reflect your personality and style, to match an outfit, which celebrates a special occasion and/or to indulge your senses with beauty.


The creation of every bespoke piece of jewellery takes an extensive time starting with the concept, the design and ultimately the production which is carried out by those exceptional and highly gifted Jewellery Master Crafts-men and amazing Artisans carefully selected by Monica.


Monica personally assists each client in choosing the right stones and guides them in selecting the perfect design which will create a breathtaking jewellery piece.


Ultimately, Monica will have an exact vision of you, your needs, style and desires. During a second meeting, Monica will present you with a few sketches and an assortment of loose diamonds so that you will be able to make your selection.


Bespoke jewellery...

an expression of your unique
and style

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