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Jewellery Valuation: done via a certified and independent London Valuer or “jewellery certification” via a London Gems Laboratory. Please note that MBC Diamonds will commission a third party to execute the jewellery valuation or certification to avoid future conflict of interest in case the client will hire MBC Diamonds to sell the jewellery.

Jewellery Insurance: MBC Diamonds can provide you with jewellery insurance via a legitimate and independent Insurance Broker.


MBC Diamonds can offer a number of special services:

Independent Consultant: due to her extensive knowledge and experience, Monica is working as a freelance consultant for the public who need different kinds of advice and assistance regarding diamonds, gems and precious metals.

Law Firms: MBC Diamonds will provide them with a full assessment of the client’s jewellery portfolio, in the same way they will analyse and appraise other assets like property, bonds and art.

Sale of jewellery: MBC Diamonds will facilitate the sale of your old, antique, unwanted or out of style jewellery pieces and the melt down of your old or unwanted precious metal (from 9kt to 24kt or platinum).

Special Services

We offer additional services

as independent consultants


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