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Prêt-à-porter satisfies the requirements of the impulsive buyer and/or the last minute ones. It will be a special treat for the lady that already has ‘the rock’ on her finger but would also like something fun and fashionable.

Indulge yourself ... treat yourself to a colourful and playful ‘Ready-to-Wear’ jewellery piece!

MBC Diamonds collaboration with a prestigious Italian jewellery manufacturer in Valenza Po (Piedmont, Italy) concluded in the selection of this remarkable “Pret-a-Porter” Jewellery Line.


This ready-to-wear collection includes jewellery pieces, mainly rings, set in 18 karat gold, a variety of precious & semi-precious stones and diamonds. The jewellery pieces are designed according to the latest fashion trends, colours and styles.


Treat yourself to a colourful

and playful 'Ready-to-Wear' jewellery piece

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