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Paint Extravaganza!

If you thought you saw it all … think again!

Rolls Royce "Ghost Diamond Stardust"

Early this month, at the Geneva International Motor Show, Rolls Royce presented a version of their “Ghost” car. They went for pure luxury and named it “Diamond Stardust”!

The reason why they named this special edition of the Ghost model “Diamond Stardust” is due to the simple and insignificant detail that the car was painted with actual diamonds.

Can you believe it … actual diamond paint!!

Crushed Diamonds

Rolls Royce declared that the paint was made from 1,000 crushed diamonds, of course … “ethically sourced”. Honestly, we couldn’t expect any less from them.

The paint was made in house and, apparently, it was the most expensive paint they ever used … I have not doubts, do you?

Infinite sparkle paint

It took over two months of testing at the Goodwood’s Technical Laboratory to ensure the diamond radiance in the paint. They created a very fine powder which was mixed into the paint giving the dark grey paint an infinite sparkle. I would love to see this … so called “infinite sparkle”!

The luxury Motor Company didn’t reveal the price as the car was commissioned by a private collector. However a classic Rolls Royce Ghost starts at only £300k so, you do the math.

I am sure that many of you have some spare change and would like to order a “Ghost Diamond Stardust’ but please, pick another colour as we couldn’t have two of the same on the road!

In any case, if you need the diamonds, I will be more than happy to supply them to you … We could even use a mixed of colour diamonds, taking this to a complete different level!

Fancy Color Diamonds

NB: All images are borrowed from different media, internet sites and MBC archive.

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