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The "Aurora Green Diamond" World's biggest natural green di

This May 2016 Christie’s Hong Kong will celebrate its 30th anniversary by presenting a selection of special and exclusive jewels.

Aurora Green Diam

Of course there will be the rare Kashmir sapphires, Colombian emeralds, precious jade pieces nevertheless, the highlight of the auction - taking place on May 31st - is the largest recorded Fancy Vivid Green ever to be graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America): the rectangular Radiant Cut 5.03 carat “Aurora Green Diamond” which was estimated a staggering $16.2/20.1 million.

In the world of “Fancy Color Diamonds” I personally think that a green diamonds may be the most mysterious and intriguing!

Can you imagine how our world would look like without the colour green? Green is the colour of life, nature and harmony.

The “Aurora Green Diamond” was name after the rare natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, due to its unique qualities: colour, size, clarity and the surprising characteristic, unheard of for this colour, its lack of fluorescence.

Only once before in history, at the Nov 2009 Sotheby’s Geneva auction, a 2.52ct. Fancy Vivid Green diamond was sold for a world record of $3,078m.

Fancy Color Diamonds are a natural phenomenon. The geological conditions required to yield these exceptional gemstones are rare, making diamonds with distinct colours of pink, blue, red and green unique and valuable. The colours are commonly acquired by the addition of a certain element, such as boron for blues and nitrogen for yellows. However, in the case of green diamonds, the colour is acquired through radiation.

Pure green diamonds are extremely rare and highly valued, ranging from light mint greens to vivid grass greens. Green diamonds frequently contain a yellowish, brownish, bluish or greyish modifying colour with a light tone, hence pure green diamonds are highly sought after and the value escalates by the intensity of the saturation. Green diamonds are found predominately in Africa and South America.

Strength of Color

I believe it is not coincidence the “Aurora Green Diamond” has been offered at the HK auction as the colour green symbolises growing, striving, calming, healing and patience for the Chinese.

Only a savvy collector will acquire this very special and unique diamond due to its inner beauty, unique colour as well as its rare position in the world as being the only one of its kind on earth which will give the buyer a certain level of prestige. I think that most likely an Asian buyer will purchase it.


It’s not very often you come across a natural green diamond. In my long career in the diamond industry, I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most gorgeous Fancy Color Diamonds. However, I can only count an handful of green diamonds all of which contained a yellowish and/or brownish secondary colour and were not pure fancy green diamonds.

What I find is that people who ask for and buy Fancy Color Diamonds have a great sense of their own unique individuality and need a stone to match that. Ultimately, they have an exceptional appreciation for rarity! NB: All images are borrowed from different media and internet sites.

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